Medical Interview Techniques

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Writer: Dr Theo Empeslidis

Language: English

ISBN: 978–618–84758–6–1

1st Edition: November, 2020

Pages: 56


"A comprehensive guide of medical interview techniques for doctors aspiring to succeed in achieving posts at the NHS. One can find detailed answers to some of the most common questions asked, as well as ways to approach and satisfactory answer any questions. The work on this book is facilitated by an experienced Consultant Ophthalmologist who has participated in a plethora of interview panels for nurses, doctors, fellows and NHS Consultants substantive and locums."


Mr. Sammer Hussein - Consultant Ophthalmologist, at Rochdale NHS Trust, said "Theo has been instrumental in my interview success and despite our short interview preparation and the stiff competition I was successful in getting a permanent Consultant Ophthalmologist post. I cannot recommend highly enough, Theo."

Ms. Nardine Menassa Consultant Ophthalmologist (Liverpool) wrote:

"Theo has been an excellent supporter, mentor and coach to prepare me for my interview. I did not give him much notice, but he still allocated ample time for me despite his busy schedule. He has not only gone through mock interview questions but also reviewed my CV to help me represent it professionally. The "STAR" framework, the book, and the scenarios we discussed have helped me in structuring my answers and demonstrating the value I would add in the new post.

Thank you, Theo! "

Mr. Straton Tyradellis - Pediatric Consultant Ophthalmologist at Leicester Royal Infirmary said "Theo has been amazing in helping me during several successful interviews in my career. His unique interview technique and all his charisma always make the difference. I highly recommend Theo for any kind of interview preparation".

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